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Money is an extremely complicated topic, and it can confuse even the smartest or financially-savvy person in the room. It can also feel cold and dry, when it’s anything but! Money is the story of your life, and how you choose to live it. Instead of dealing with it on your own, there’s private financial therapy for individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs. This is the chance to understand the way you relate to money, in an effort to make real changes about spending patterns and behaviors. It’s fast, it’s focused, and it’s meant for you.
Seeking Support

There is no judgment here. Where you start is not as important as where you end. Financial therapy is about structuring a plan to meet your particular needs, and getting the support necessary to keep going even when it seems impossible. You’ll get real advice that’s tailor-made to you. I take the time to listen to your barriers and values, and then devise a way to align what you do with what you want. It’s a gentle and comforting way to understand money and bring about positive change.
I work with the following basic principles:
Money Healing

Whatever it is that prompts your spending — emotional, familial, or mental anguish — this is a chance to work it all out. With this therapy, you’ll need to be honest, forgive yourself (and others), and learn to use love as a tool to put your money where it belongs.
Money Practices

When you take the questions out of finance, you understand what you need to do. But it’s not an easy process. The choice of whether to spend or to save is a part of self-care, and there needs to be a routine set up before you go any further. Our practice use statistics and planning combined with a heavy dose of sensitivity.
Money Maps

Find out how you can make your goals fit with your finances. Whatever it is you want to do, money can help you get there and I can help you get to money.
What You Can Expect

I find out everything I can about your own story, so I can start making a plan that works for you. You can expect to stop having so much anxiety when you talk to your spouse or partner about cash flow. You can expect your relationships with your loved ones to deepen through more responsible decisions. Get real tips that can be implemented in your daily, monthly and yearly life. I teach you the language of money, and you get emotional, practical and financial support (e.g., accountants, bookkeepers, etc.) to better speak it. I even do specialty coaching for entrepreneurs who want to understand how to boost their brand and bring more value to their operation.
Why You’ll Love It

This therapy works fast, so you can see big changes quickly. Each shift will bring about the positive changes you want to see in your habits, thus reinforcing even better habits in the future. If you love personal guidance as opposed to standard generic spending advice, then this is the place for you. I’m here to help you lead your most authentic life, and with patience, understanding and genuine care, I believe we can make it happen together.Exhausted Money
I’m here to help those going through major transitions, such as a divorce or a death. These events can throw anyone into turmoil, and it can take a little outside perspective to bring us back around to better decisions. Even if you have no or little relationship with your finances, I can help you develop a healthy one for long-lasting happiness. It’s a wilderness out there, and the world doesn’t practice kindness they way we want it too. Get the strength to overcome it here.
Choose from the following options:
Option #1: Single Session

  • Recommended for those who know what they need and require immediate attention
  • Designed for individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs.
  • Send any documents or share any pertinent information beforehand for a more focused session
  • Meet in-person over the phone or Skype for a 60-minute session.
  • Discuss your money story, and immediately get the healing and support you need
  • Receive support and resources based on your needs
    $90 per session.

This is an excellent option for those who want to see what this therapy is really all about, or especially if you’re having problems with your partner when it comes to spending. If you’re getting extremely excited about the potential changes that could be made in your life, but aren’t sure where to start, then this option is heavily recommended.
Option #2: 6-Month Journey

  • Designed for individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs
  • Provides deep transformation with ultimate impact on behavior
  • Ongoing support for a full 6 months
  • Deep healing and progress as a direct result of flexible therapy and support
  • You choose your schedule

    $1,000/6 months/biweekly meetings


This option is for those want the full transformation. You get my personal attention no matter where I am, and the chance to really delve into your relationship with money. We decide together in person, on a phone or Skype, whatever best works for you. You get unconditional care while you’re on the journey. Every part of you — including your flaws — are more than welcome here. This is a tender and loving space to find out how to make you comfortable when talking about money, both to yourself and to your loved ones. Bring your questions and expect to make some major headway.
Cooperation and Collaboration

We take things step by step, based on what you need. Get email support between sessions, emergency help, and more. Whatever you need, this is a journey that I’ve chosen to take with you until the end. I’d love to here about your emotional and personal breakthroughs and stumbles — whether directly related to finance or not! Expect to take baby steps towards your master plan, with plenty of love and laughter throughout the way.