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Financial therapy can be an investment in your relationship

Sometimes it’s a difference in values: One spouse wants to save for a rainy day, the other wants to live for today. For other couples, money can turn into a weapon, with her spending to get back at his transgressions, or him clutching the purse strings to maintain power. Money is one of the biggest…

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Overcoming a Habit of Lying to Yourself About Money

After reading a recent article about how to deal with a partner that hides and lies about money problems, several readers made the astute point that many of these situations are often the result of people lying to themselves about money, whether directly (by actually telling yourself false conclusions about the facts you already know)…

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Are you committing financial infidelity?

Financial infidelity. It’s not quite the same as other types of infidelity in your marriage, but experts say it can be just as damaging. We talked to a panel of financial planners to sort out what it is and how to avoid it. Several say they’ve seen it before, and it’s always unpleasant. “As we…

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Money Problems Run in the Family: Should You Blame Your Parents?

You got your sense of humor from your mom and your good looks from your dad, but you may have inherited something else from your parents – your problems with money. Bad financial habits often run in the family, as parents pass along their attitudes about debt, saving, and spending to their kids, sometimes unwittingly.…

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Intelligent Money Magazine

When we sat down with Jonas to do this story, it did not take long to see where his views are. Jonas stated that people are not wired well when it comes to making short-term sacrifices to achieve long-term goals. He referenced an innovative research project that shows consumers boosted their planned retirement investments after…

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What Your 401K, IRAs & Annuities Don't Want You to Know

Click on the link below to see what 401K's IRA's and Annuities don't want you to know as well as the people who sell these products. what_your_401k_iras_and_annuities-dont_want_you_to_know

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Breaking the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

Did you know that 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as of 2015? Think about that for a minute, because it s truly astounding. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population included 240,745,082 adults as of June 2015. That means that 182,456,443 Americans more than three of every four…

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Wake Up! Buy & Hold Doesn't Work

I’m losing patience with financial rules of thumb, especially the tried and true concepts of “Buy & Hold” and infamous “Buy Low & Sell High.” Not only does the “Buy & Hold” concept lack relevance in today’s markets, but technically you can’t apply both a “Buy & Hold” strategy with a “Buy Low & Sell High” approach. Let…

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Profits at a price in the world of hedge funds

Why follow the investment herd when the sharpest minds in finance can make money for you whether markets go up or down? But all, of course, for a price. This idea, give or take a few tweaks over the years, has been the consistent pitch by hedge fund managers to potential clients. The term “hedge…

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Are Millennials Ready For A 100-Plus-Year Life?

Dear Millennial, Are You Ready for a 100+ Year Life? We're in the midst of a global demographic shift resulting from increasing longevity and low birth rates. Life-spans have nearly doubled in the last century due to advances in science, sanitation, and safety, and lives grow longer each year. The odds are that millennials and…

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Ride Out the Volatility

The one word that characterizes financial markets today: volatile. A few weeks ago stocks sold off aggressively for most of the week on concerns about plunging oil, falling U.S. earnings estimates, China and slowing global growth. Amid the selloff, Japanese, U.K. and French stocks all entered bear market territory, according to MSCI index data accessible…

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